Whether you’re a contract packager, marketing agency, or an in-store demonstration company, you need a quick turn around when it comes to kitting. Korpack knows the pace of the industry, and we are able to get supplies to you the next day if you order with us before 6 PM. This gives you time to get in those last-minute orders, keeping you and your clients happy.

Our experienced staff here at Korpack can work with you to create specific prototypes, packaging and shipping kits to fit your kitting needs. We are able to sustainably handle large amounts of the necessary packaging materials your just-in-time orders need for swift assembly and delivery. Korpack’s kitting capabilities include kit counting, kit assembly, corrugated build-ups and more.

Korpack’s kitting projects ensure efficient management of your inventory, improved material handling & workflow, and reduced storage. If you are needing a box faster than next day on orders before 6pm, then turn to Korpack’s QuicKor® manufacturing program. We can create low volume, custom corrugated boxes in any size you need and turn them around in as little as one hour. With new shipping regulations, you can use the QuicKor® program to get heavy duty single or double wall boxes in smaller sizes to have the same strength without the high shipping prices. Visit our QuicKor® page to learn more.Request A Quote

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