E-Commerce & Logistics Packaging Solutions

Is it possible to provide cost effective e-commerce solutions without pricing yourself out of business? 

When you have the logistics capabilities of Korpack behind you, with cost efficient materials handling, a centralized headquarters and strategically located distribution centers across the country, not to mention extensive automation capabilities, the answer is a resounding, “YES!”

Whether you’re competing with major online companies like Amazon or simply trying to position yourself better in the e-commerce space, packaging can make or break your operation. If they’re not your core specialty, designing and fabricating packaging, sourcing materials, and packaging storage can seriously increase your costs. Not to mention, they can make it exceedingly time consuming to securely package your product and ship it to your customer.

At Korpack, we leverage experience and expertise for customers of all sizes. It’s like having a complete packaging and fulfillment department – without the hassle of having your own packaging and fulfillment operation. We provide you with a full spectrum of packaging logistics support, from design to engineering to fabrication and even fulfillment. We can leverage our systems and knowledge to facilitate better automation for enhanced efficiency. Our fully customized packaging solutions are effective and cost efficient, while continuing to enhance the perception of your brand to your customer.

Korpack E-Commerce Solutions

  • Item consolidation (packaging more items in the least amount of space)
  • Void fill machinery (things like air pillows to keep items in packages secure)
  • Automation technology
  • Kitting

The e-commerce solutions that Korpack designs for our customers combine multiple methods of increasing productivity, allowing you to use your resources more efficiently. For example, item consolidation and void fill machinery alone can reduce the amount of resources needed to securely and attractively package items to fulfill orders.

What’s the most effective way to boost your e-commerce profits? Focus on your area of expertise, and partner with Korpack to maximize your efficiency with customized packaging logistics solutions. 

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