Design Capabilities

With years of combined experience, our team of packaging engineers is here to help you find the most efficient packaging process from start to finish. We can address your needs in many areas, including retail packaging and structural design for product protection. We design and lay out artwork, as well as proofs and prototypes, all within retail requirements and floor plans. For protective structural design, we create custom corrugated and chipboard die cut inserts, thermoformed and molded pulp trays and more to perfectly protect your products during the shipping process.

Korpack also offers a cost savings audit on your packaging needs. Working closely with our customers, we can analyze current processes, materials used, and product flow to find alternative options. Saving you money by cutting costs in design, packaging materials, and even how you stack or load your products without sacrificing quality or presentation is our specialty.

Before you commit to a new design, we give you the chance to preview it with free prototypes and samples. Using our QuicKor® manufacturing program, we can make prototype shipping cartons in minutes, not days, allowing us to make changes the same day if necessary. We also offer 4-color process prototype cartons or small runs utilizing state-of-the-art digital printers that print directly on almost any substrate. We also have prints cut on a CAD table, removing tooling and print plate charges altogether.


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