Design Capabilities

At Korpack, we understand the importance of packaging design. That’s why we create customized packaging solutions crafted to:

  • Enhance our customers’ products
  • Expand our customers’ cost savings
  • Exceed our customers’ expectations


Your product packaging needs are as unique as the products you need packaged. The artistic design needs to communicate your company’s brand identity flawlessly while the engineering design must protect your products perfect, all while being executed cost efficiently so as to minimize the impact on your bottom line.

You don’t just need packaging products – you need comprehensive packaging solutions from a company you can trust. When it comes to designing and delivering packaging solutions, Korpack is a true advocate for our customers every step of the way.

A personalized approach to packaging design

From concept to completion, we see our customers through every step of the packaging design process with resources such as an in-house packaging engineer, CAD and Adobe Illustrator software.  Your design requirements might also include specific needs for eventual product palletization and shipment. Our palletization software allows us to take into account your needs for efficiency when stacking your product on a pallet and in a truck.

Whether your needs are retail packaging or structural packaging design for product protection, we will help you find the most efficient solution and maintain the flexibility to adapt processes for greater efficiencies along the way. Our solutions are grounded in reality, taking into account your exact requirements such as those related to artistic design, retail requirements and floor plans. Our solutions often include full machinery lines available (sometimes at no cost to the customer with an associated material agreement) that can dramatically reduce costs related to labor and materials.

The QuicKOR advantage

We work closely with our customers to create a personalized approach to their needs, tailoring solutions that save our customers significant time and money. One tool for providing our customers with solutions efficiently includes our QuicKor manufacturing program. This design and carton erector equipment allows us to make prototypes of shipping cartons in minutes – not days. If changes are needed, they can be made and tested the very same day, streamlining the process of getting your packaging needs met.

What if you had a true customer advocate on your side when crafting your packaging design solution?

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