Custom Trays and Inserts

If you have a specialized product, that needs protection and containment, we can engineer and design a custom insert or die cut corrugated tray like the options below. A custom designed insert makes your box even more special. They are ideal to present your product with an additional “wow” and they hold all your pieces securely in place.+1′

This option is great when you want to make sure your product is protected AND viewed the same every time the package is opened.

Making custom trays and inserts allows products to fit perfectly within their package. They also give better protection since there is less wiggle room for a product to get thrown around inside of the package. 

The trays are not entirely enclosed. This gives more stability to the products, making sure they won’t fall over or out of the package.

Regarding inserts, they will often be placed in mailers.  They are specially designed for each specific application, which ensures each product is properly presented. It doesn’t matter whether it’s for eCommerce or retail, custom trays will help present the product in an organized way, providing stability and a great opening experience.

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