Custom Packaging Boxes 

If you would like to start branding your current packaging to get your name out there, let your customer’s know who to call when they need to reorder products, describe contents of the box, or want to upgrade the appearance from a typical stock box, we can help. At Korpack we specialize in custom boxes and all types of custom packaging that is made to your specifications. We have many different custom box options to suit your needs and with our free warehousing program you can take advantage of getting larger volume price breaks and only taking AND paying for what you need when you need it so that we can be a JIT provider and you can keep running smoothly. We can guide you and help provide solutions with any and all of the following custom boxes. Most of the custom boxes below can be made and delivered within 2-3 days.

If you have a need to fit your product just right and our wide selection of stock boxes will not work, we can make your custom box exactly the way you need it to protect your products. We have many different corrugated board strengths to fit your requirements and if you need help or any recommendations on which type of box style you should use, we have the experienced and educated staff to serve you needs and help guide you in the right direction. These box styles include RSC (regular slotted containers), OPF’s (commonly referred to as bookfolds), mailer style boxes (commonly referred to as pizza boxes), HSC’s (half slotted containers), gaylords and bulk bins, auto lock bottom boxes, and so much more. If you have a need for custom boxes but only need a few, we have our QuicKor® manufacturing program that will fill that void. Many of these box styles we can make without any special tooling are setup charges.

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