3-ply, protective masks, disinfectants, nitrile gloves, and hand sanitizer available

Korpack continues to drive its focus to secure much in demand supplies for your business needs and will soon have disinfectant wipes as well. Please inquire about Korpack creating combination kits of the below products for your field employees or mixed pallets to your national network. Additional discounts are possible for extended supply agreements.

Please note that your standard freight terms apply, all products are allocated on a first come first serve basis. Please send all orders to orders@korpack.com, call 855-KOR-PACK toll free, or fill out the form below.

The Governor of Illinois and many other governors around the country have recently mandated the use of protective masks while in public per the CDC recommendations. This link will guide you to the CDC's guide on how to make cloth masks at home. For businesses, the idea of employees bringing in their own masks can be a risky one as there is no control on whether or how often they are being washed and disinfected and although they are better than nothing at all, studies show wearing cloth masks will result in much higher infection rate than non-woven masks (i.e.3-ply, KN95, or N95). For that reason, it is recommended you supply your employees with some form of a disposable non-woven mask daily or even twice daily to protective themselves and others around them.


Other COVID-19 Resources and Tips

Korpack is committed to helping customers navigate this pandemic. Check out some additional resources and tips below. Make sure you check back as we'll continue to modify this COVID resource page.

Making Sure Your 3-Ply Masks Are Real

Unfortunately, some unscrupulous parties are passing off fake masks, sanitizers, and other products in an effort to make a quick buck. When it comes to 3-Ply masks, you can use this simple test to check if they are real:

  1. First, cut the mask open and make sure there are 3 layers (it's a 3-ply mask, after all).
  2. Make sure the outer layer is hydrophobic or water repellent
  3. Expose the middle layer to a flame. If it burns, it's fake. This layer should melt.

Want to learn more? Check out our "HOW TO TELL IF YOUR 3-PLY MASKS ARE FRAUDULENT" blog post.

Proper Hand Washing Techniques

Do you know how to properly wash your hands? Check out our WHY HANDWASHING IS SO IMPORTANT AND HOW TO DO IT PROPERLY guide.

  1. Wet your hands with water. We recommend going up to at least your wrist and a bit beyond.
  2. Turn the water off and apply some soap. Most soaps are quite good at killing germs. Liquid soaps often lather the easiest.
  3. Lather the soap, meaning rub it and get it to form bubbles and foam. Add a bit more water and/or soap if needed.
  4. Keep rubbing your hands and lathering the soap for at least 20 seconds. Going up to 30 seconds is perhaps a bit better.
  5. Now, wash off your hands and dry off with a fresh towel.
These days, you need to wash your hands whenever you return to your home. Also, wash hands after caring for sick people, before you eat, while cooking, and any other time you could be exposed to a pathogen.
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