Contract Packagers

Working with several contract packagers, we understand the importance of having a breadth of products that run on various pieces of machinery, JIT delivery of products, and automation to ensure our customers are keeping up with the times and remaining relevant to their customers.

Korpack has experience working with premium brands like 3M, Sealed Air, Robopac, and more. This experience provides a plethora of options to enhance productivity and efficiencies. Korpack’s contract packaging focuses:

  • VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory): We take a streamlined approach to order fulfillment & inventory management. Our main focus being our ability to align your business objectives with streamlined supply chain operations.
  • Consignment Packaging: With regular stock checks & reporting, you will no longer have to worry about managing your packaging. Our consignment packaging services focus on manageable deliveries, increased productivity in your workplace, and stock checks & rotations.
  • EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)
  • Electronic Delivery Notifications

Our technology enhancements allow you to do what you do best and let us manage your packaging and supply chain operations. Please contact us for an exploratory meeting about how we may be able to help your operations.

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