Combi™ ErgoPack Robotic Packing Station

Increased global competition is driving leaner operating efficiency in today's manufacturing plants.  To gain efficiences, robots are being used more frequently in more and more plants for case packing and palletizing because of the increased throughput, vision and cost savings today's robotic technology offers.  These same plants are finding that human workers can work right alongside robots, with proper guarding, as they each perform a task for which they are best suited.

Combi Packaging Systems offers a Robotic Pick and Place Packing feature to fully automate case packing operations that may require verifying lot or serialization numbers, varying pack counts, creating retail ready packages, or automating tasks that are difficult or unsafe for humans.

For greater flexibility and greater throughput, companies' existing Ergopack Robotic Packing Station can be retrofitted with this robotic packing unit. The Fanuc robot can be used during times when hand packing is unavailable or impractical.

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Features include: 

  • Reduces labor expense
  • Provides higher rate of throughput - can run 24 hours a day
  • Provides traceability of products, enabling better tracking and isolation of contaminated products
  • Easy case packing of  varying pack counts, variety packs, retail ready packages
  • Greater precision and consistency, minimizes waste and reduces product loss due to damage
  • Removal of human interaction in hazardous environments, reduces workplace injuries

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