Combi™ Carrier & Case Former Inserter

Your days of stacking formed cases to the ceiling and having pack parties are over! After interviewing craft brewers around the country, we listened to your pain points and have designed a multi-function solution for your bottled beverages. Ideal for craft beers, craft soda pops, wine and any other beverage sold in four or six pack carriers.

The Patent-Pending mechanical BrewPack simultaneously forms RSC corrugated shipping cases and four or six pack chipboard carriers. Once the erected case and carriers are staged into a packing head, the carriers are carefully guided into the case. A case conveyor then drives the bottle ready case out of the machine for packing.

The in-line, compact design of the Brewpack takes up less space than a pile of pre-formed cases sitting on your floor. As your business grows, the BrewPack easily integrates with a fully automatic bottle packer. Combi is your single source for affordable, customized end of line packaging equipment that provides you with varying levels of automation while not taking away from the craftsmanship of your product.

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Features include: 

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