3M-Matic case sealers are a must have in all operations that are looking to gain efficiencies and throughput. At up to 40 cases a minute it is easy to see how quickly our 3M-Matic sealers provide ROI (return on investment) . Efficiency and throughput is only half of the value, one of the best features of our 3M-Matic sealers that often gets overlooked is the consistent and accurate application of tape allowing you to only apply one stripe of 2" tape or possibly even thinner with 3M's line of 36mm machine tape. If your packers are using 2 or more swipes of 2" tape, our case sealers will instantly cut your tape usage in half or more. This consistency also keeps your box sealed and prevents your products from getting damaged in transportation or arriving to your customer in poor shape. We carry everything from semi-automatic uniform size case sealers, to fully automatic random size case sealers. Korpack has trained authorized 3M-Matic service technicians on staff to assist with installation and preventative maintenance of our sealers.


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