Printing on Corrugated Boxes

Printing on Corrugated Boxes

Printing on corrugated boxes—so many options. There are many options to choose from when printing on corrugated materials and each can be well suited depending on the final product’s intended use and aesthetic. Understanding the function, quality, budget, and timing of the project will help determine the best printing process for an optimal result. There are three […]

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Custom Packaging for Monthly Subscription Boxes


“Subscription Services are Booming” Who doesn’t love getting a monthly surprise in the mail? Monthly subscription services are booming, supplying boxes of treats of all kinds to happy customers. We’re way beyond the Wine of the Month Club these days—there are subscriptions for practically everything. From snacks to makeup, from pet treats to cleaning supplies, […]

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Retention and Suspension: Korrvu by Sealed Air

If you ship fragile products, you know that a lot can happen to something breakable inside a box. Products can slip and bounce around, or a box can get dropped or sustain impact. Products that are not properly secured during shipping can cost you a lot in losses and customer satisfaction. There are several ways […]

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ShockWatch: Impact Recorders

impact recorder

ShockWatch: Impact Recorders If you’ve ever opened a package to reveal a mess of broken items, you’ve probably asked a very reasonable question: “What happened?!” The answer is probably some kind of impact. A lot can happen to a package in transit, and if you’re shipping products, you have even more invested in knowing what […]

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QuicKor: A Quick and Easy Start to Custom Boxes

Screenshot 2016-05-02 12.50.58

QuicKor Custom Boxes Sometimes you need a special box—one designed just for your product. If you’re looking at stock box options and starting to feel like Goldilocks, only finding boxes that are too big or too small, you’ll find a custom box may be “just right.” When our broad range of stock boxes doesn’t quite […]

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ShockWatch: Handle with Care


ShockWatch: Handle with Care While “This Side Up” and “Caution: Fragile” are good warnings on a package, there’s more you can do to safeguard your shipping process. ShockWatch, a Korpack vendor partner, offers products that don’t just remind carriers to handle your packages carefully, but track what actually happens to your package. Transit can be […]

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Packaging Machines: Save Time and Labor with Automation

Packaging Machines

There are Packaging Machines for automation at every step of the packaging process. If you were only producing and shipping a few products a month, it might make sense for you to pack everything by hand. Assembling boxes, filling them, closing them, securing them—it’s not a burden if you’re only doing three packages. Chance are, you […]

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Custom Boxes – Six Great Options

Custom Boxes

Custom Boxes – Six Great Options Custom boxes are a Korpack specialty. These boxes are made just for your products, giving you a box that is the perfect size, strength, and look. If you want an upgrade from stock boxes, or to really set your brand apart with your packaging, a custom box may just […]

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Custom Printed Tape: A Simple Branding Solution

Branded Packaging Tape

Custom Printed Tape: A Simple Branding Solution How do your customers know a package is from you? It starts before they even open it! Whether a box arrives at the door or is waiting for pick up, your customer should be able to tell at a glance where that package came from. The packages you […]

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Packaging Consultants First, Supplier Second

Professional Consultancy

At Korpack, we pride ourselves on being Packaging Consultants first, supplier second. It’s a tough truth, but no one can be an expert in every single thing. We each have niches of expertise, we specialize. It’s the reason you probably won’t roof your own house, dig your own well, perform your own heart surgery, build […]

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