Weber™ Alpha Compact Tamp-Blow

The Alpha Compact tamp-blow unit automatically unwinds the supply roll and dispenses the labels onto a tamp pad. As the product coming down the conveyor triggers a sensor, the tamp pad holding the label extends to the product. A proximity sensor on the tamp pad stops the motion a quarter-inch from the product where the label is blown onto the product. This non-contact method of label application is perfect for labeling recessed areas on products such as clamshells and containers with raised edges.This system applies labels up to 4.7” wide and 6.3” long at speeds up to 164 feet per minute to a tolerance of ±0.05”.

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Features include: 

•Applies labels up to 4.7” wide x 6.3” long

• Runs at up to 164 feet/minute

• Labels tops, bottoms or sides of packages

• Accurate labeling to within ±0.05”

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