About Korpack 


With over 16 years of comprehensive and analytical experience in the packaging industry, President and Founder of Korpack, Nick Novy, applies his knowledge to every customer that comes through the door. Nick earned his degree in Packaging Engineering from Michigan State University and, after sharpening his skills as a consultant, he decided to pursue a career working hand-in-hand with customers, sharing his knowledge and continually growing from new challenges and projects.

After graduating, Nick went on to work for the largest stock packaging distributor in the country. In the time he spent there, he came to understand the needs of his customers down to the minute detail, and realized that, to truly help them, he needed to present customers with custom options and other non-stock supplies, as well as full-service consultation, to make the best packaging decision for their company.

This spark of realization is what led to the creation of Korpack and continues to burn brightly at the "Kor" of the company. Nick and his handpicked team of well-versed and dedicated individuals work to always exceed customer’s expectations.




Hear from our team:

"I can not thank you and the other Korpack employees enough for this opportunity. The knowledge I have gained and the business experience I have taken away from being in this environment are things I will never forget. With the things I learned from this internship I was able to get accepted into U of I’s business school- Thank you for everything you have done in order to give me the best experience possible!"

- Jessica Davis (Summer Intern)

Why Korpack?

  • Korpack specializes in delivering profit Improvement to its customers by identifying excess costs and process inefficiencies for a wide range of spend categories.
  • Korpack develops Procurement Supply Chain strategies to optimize the entire sales process with numerous companies and corporations.
  • Korpack solves complex supply chain problems and introduces responsible process improvements across a wide variety of spend categories, business models and businesses/organizations.
  • Korpack maintains sustainable savings within both direct and indirect spend by effectively executing strategic sourcing, and supplier development programs which secured highly competitive supplier agreements.
  • Clients engaged are in the manufacturing, distribution and service industries which served the food, academic, spirits, packaging, chemical, textile, electronics, computing, safety, printing, cosmetic, private label, non-for-profits, retail, commercial and industrial markets.

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