4 Color Process Retail Boxes - Custom Printed Retail Boxes

4 color process retail boxes use four colors: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black, when these colors are mixed the possible combinations are limitless.    If you are printing a box with more than 4 colors, or have photographic images, or want to offer retail consistency, then a 4-color process is the way to go.  We can do:

  • Direct Print – where the corrugated is printed, directly onto the liner board, then die cut. This process is an economical way to print small and large runs, with multiple colors.
  • Litho Label – this process is a great way to get high-end graphics on a sturdy board. First, your graphic would be printed on a sheet of litho paper, offering high-quality graphics that have tighter lines and better details. Second, the paper is laminated onto your corrugate, and then die cut into a box blank.
  • Pre-Printing the Liner Board- This process is great for large runs, as it costs a lot to set up, but if you are in need of a few hundred thousand boxes that have the same image, this is a great option. The process is simple and effective, the linerboard that is on the outside of the corrugate is printed before being laminated and turned into a corrugated sheet.

We can also offer food grade, and much more. Please call now to speak with one of our team members about a 4 color process that is right for your custom box. Please contact us to have one of our experienced packaging specialists assist you now.

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